Unlocking Questions & Answers

"What is Remote Unlocking"

Remote unlocking is a new way of unlocking phones, without having to send them to us.  We need certain information from your mobile.  With this information we are able to calculate certain unique codes for you to enter into the phone to lift network restrictions.

"How long before I get my codes back"

We always quote 1-48 hours on unlocking code delivery, but often you will receive them within 1-3 hours.  It can depend on our current workload. 

"Why would I want to unlock my phone?"

Unlocking mobile phones basically means unrestricting the phones potential to use any network.  An unlocked phone can use any sim card from any network, from any country.  Ideal if you're planning a trip to another country and would like to use that country's local sim card.  Or you have a new phone but would prefer to use your old sim card on a different network.

Is it illegal?

However, stealing phones is! So Don't bother trying this service if you don't know the history of the phone.  Remote unlocking will not work with a BARRED mobile that has been reported lost or stolen to the network provider.

IMEI Changing, do we do it?

IMEI changing is illegal, so don't even bother to ask us!

How does 'Unlocking BY Post' work?

Easy! Just send the phone in a well packed recorded or registered mail padded bag (preferably registered mail) and enclose a copy of your Name, Address and Phone Number that we can contact you on along with payment method. Please also provide us with any access PIN codes to access your phone and the battery.  DO NOT send your sim card.  We will get your phone back to you as soon as the work is done.

How long does it take?

We can send most phones back to you on the same day as receiving them, but some phones may take an extra day or two if they have to be sent to our workshop engineers.

How much does it cost?

Click the 'By Post Button' for a full price list and instructions

Do we only unlock UK phones by post?

We only offer our Unlock By Post service to UK Residents