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Nokia Unlocking Solutions


If you just need a mobile phone unlocking, please use our Unlocking Services


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Trade Account For www.imeinetwork.com




Network & Manufacturer's Unlock Codes @ Trade Prices (Unlocking Via IMEI)


With a trade account on the #1 unlock code website www.imeinetwork.com you get direct access to unlock codes for thousands of mobile phones.

The Network & Manufacturer's Unlock Codes are certified correct codes for unlocking today's mobile phones and are always the true unlock code.

With a trade account you get the unlock codes you see available online at much lower prices. This gives any unlocking store or professional the scope for profit when unlocking your customers phones.

The imeinetwork website is fast, reliable, and has backup support when you need it. It also offers in one place using one account access to many different types of unlock codes from manufacturers and networks.

  • More info about setting up a trade account Here



HOT   Nokia SL3 Brute Force Service   HOT

Nokia SL3 Brute Force Service 

  • Use this service to convert Nokia SL3 hash into an unlock code.
  • Service supports the following files.
    • .sha 
    • .bcl 
    • .log
  • Once processed we will email you your unlock code 

What is This Service?

  • At fonefunshop we have very powerful servers that are capable of brute forcing nokia hash into an unlock code.
  • You will need a tool like Cyclone, ATF, Infinity Best to read the log file from the phone. (if you do not have this then use our super fast Nokia SL3 unlock server for end users).
  • This file contains the HASH of your phones lock area
  • Submit the 40 digit hash below and make your payment.
  • Once submitted and paid for, our servers will begin to brute force the hash until it gives up the unlock code
  • Once this is done we will email you the unlock code to enter into your Nokia and unlock it.

How Long Does It Take To Process Logs?

Below is a live feed to our server wait time


More info & Ordering Here

HOT   Nokia Unlock Server Reseller Package (10 x Single Unlock Credits - Unbranded Software)   HOT


Nokia Unlock Server Reseller Package (10 x Single Unlock Credits - Unbranded Software)


This package is ideal for resellers as it is supplied with an unbranded client software and 10 X single unlock credits.


You can email your customers their login details and download links so they can use this server and standard USB cable to unlock their Nokia SL3 phone quickly and easily.


Multi language support, and fast unlocking times makes this server a must for any unlocking service reseller.


Server supports Nokia SL3 phones including: 2710 Navi, 2710c, 2710b-2, 3710a-1, 3711a, 3711a-1, 500, 5230, 5232, 5233, 5250, 5320, 5330, 5530, 5630, 5730, 5800, 600, 603, 6110 Navigator, 6120c, 6220c, 6303i Classic, 6650, 6700 Classic, 6700 Slide, 6710 Navigator, 6720 Classic, 6730 Classic, 6750 Mural, 6760s, 6790s, 6790s-1c, 700, 701, 702T, 7020, 706, 7230, 808 PureView, Asha 200, Asha 201, Asha 203, Asha 205, Asha 206, Asha 300, Asha 303, Asha 306, Asha 311, C1-01, C1-02, C1-03, C2-00, C2-01, C2-02, C2-02.1, C2-03, C2-05, C2-06, C2-07, C3-00, C3-01, C5-00, C5-03, C6-00, C6-01, C7-00, E5-00, E52, E55, E63, E66, E7-00, E71, E71-1, E71x, E72, E73, N8-00, N78, N79, N81 , N82, N85, N86, N97, N97 Mini, X2-00, X2-01, X2-01.1, X2-03, X2-05, X3-00, X3-01, X3-02, X5-01, X6-00, X7-00, X7-00.1

How Long Does It Take To Process Logs?

Below is a live feed to our server wait time


More info & Ordering Here

ATF Nitro   

What is ATF Nitro?

  • Advance Turbo Flasher Nitro comes ready to go with a pre-activated ATF Network Account.

  • ATF Nitro is a highly professional and time-saving solution for Nokia cell phone servicing.

  • ATF Nitro still gives you the exact same functionality as the original Advance Turbo Flasher without having to buy credits to activate your ATF Network Account.

  • >>>More info



Cyclone Key  Reloaded

  • Cyclone key is to replace the already very popular cyclone box reloaded

  • reloaded is an excellent tool for working with Nokia phones both old and new. It has some of the latest loaders enabling good communication with the latest Nokia phone models for unlock, flash and repair work.

  • >>>More info




  • After much anticipation Saras has now created the New UFST Box. This is the new UFST box by saras soft, and will be replacing the already highly popular long standing UFS 3 / HWK box.

  • The UFST Box allows you to use newer features in software version and beyond.

  • UFST Box is BRAND NEW HARDWARE and speed of flashing is dramatically improved. New features for SAMSUNG with full support for all Android phones as S4 I9505 etc.

  • >>>More info



BEST Dongle (BB5 Easy Service Tool)

BEST ( BB5 Easy Service Tool ) is a new flash and repair tool for all Nokia BBb5 phones, including latest Rapuyama, Broadcomm and other devices. BEST supports dead USB flashing, normal USB (alive) flashing, BB5 fast flashing, custom flashing, Dead-to-Test operation, read RPL via USB, user data extraction and more !!



Universal Box


Ultimate Tool For Nokia & SonyEricsson Flashing / Unlocking

Outstanding Features (FoneFunShop Engineers Review)

The universal box is a good tool of choice, we at FoneFunShop use it all the time and have done for years.  It's difficult to keep up with what it can do and what costs credit etc.  So below we have a little re-cap of what features are fantastic and why you would want a universal box.


More Info..

zZkey Dongle

What is zZkey Dongle ?

zZkey Dongle is a new multi platform unlock tool, that has some very powerful Nokia features.


Supporting logging of some very new Nokia SL3 phones for Brute Force Unlocking.


Also supports BlackBerry, Alcatel, ZTE and more...




Universal Genie   


Genie Guys (bfreaks) The guys behind the bb5 no tp work work you have been reading about have now added the bb5 no TP unlock to their Box for free.The awesome thing is that NO PC IS REQUIRED to perform BB5 Unlock using Genie Universal.

>>>More info

MX Box   

MXBOX Orange HTI PLUS with Card Outstanding Features

Speed increased by 180% compared to MXBOX Green.
Equipped with USB B connector, used by most of the boxes on the market.
Has a special circuit protection against phone short-cut.
Flash MCU, PPM, CP (Content Pack), ADSP, APE variant, APE userdisk.
Backup and restore IMEI data.
IMEI and ESN repair.
CDMA phone tuning.



SHU Box  

The SHU Box is the first of it's kind.  The manufacturer of this box has combined the features of 3 service tools in one box.  These tools are available separately, but would cost a lot more if purchased individually.

UFS+HWK+SE-TOOL3  All in one box !!!






MT-Box Nokia  

The New Sleek Designed MT Box will change the way you repair your phones by allowing faster Flashing, Repairing and Unlocking time. And as your personal, portable phone service device, MT Box looks good but works good aswell.

Its compact and portable design, makes it easy to take it along anywhere with you. MT Box which is powered by Griffin Team, supports the newest Nokia in the market.

Using the latest hardware, technology it has an extremely flexible nature and a very large capacity to undertake all you current and future requirements.




Tornado Tool PC - With Built In UFS / HWK Interface


  • Tornado Tool PC is specially made for all GSM Servicing Engineers and other on-the-go

  • Service Technicians. Portable and easy to carry, fast desktop power equivalent. Touch screen with optional keyboard input. Car charger adapters included, can be used in car, ultra low power consumption. Very good for mobile repairer, car diagnostic, etc. Suitable for fast and mobile remote area servicing.

  • This Tornado Tool PC Comes with built in UFS / HWK interface

  • UFS/HWK Box by Saras can flash most of the phones for leading mobile phone industries, such as Nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Motorola, Siemens, etc.

  • MORE INFO >>>



ezNK Clip

ezNK Clip is a standalone clip to remove security codes easily, and safely from Nokia DCT4+ phones.  ezNK Clip does not affect user data, all contacts, pictures, texts etc remain in place.

Remove Security Code on Nokia DCT4+ 1110, 1110i, 1112, 1112i, 1200, 1202, 1208, 1600, 1650, 1661, 1662, 1680c, 2220, 2310, 2320, 2330c, 2600c, 2610, 2626, 2630, 2660, 2670h, 2680s, 2720f, 2760, 3608, 5000d, 5030, 6030, 6060, 7070



Nokia DCT4 Plus Unlock Pack

This Nokia DCT4+ Unlock pack is easy very easy to use.  It will remove the network lock on your phone, allowing you to use your desired sim card.  It comes with unlock box interface and cables of your choice. 

Supporting Direct Unlock of Nokia 1110i, 1112b, 1200, 1200, 1202, 1208, 1208b, 1209, 1600b, 1661, 1662, 1650, 1680, 1680 Classic-2b, 2220, 2310, 2320, 2320, 2323, 2330 Classic, 2600, 2600a, 2600, 2610, 2610b, 2626, 2630, 2630b, 2660, 2660b, 2680 Slide, 2680 Slide-2b, 2720 Fold, 2760, 2760b, 2760h, 5000, 5030 XM, 6030b, 7070, 7100s



500 Gigabyte Flash file USB Hard Drive

Save time downloading and installing Nokia flash files !!!

This hard drive contains over 420 Gigabytes of flash files including Nokia, SonyEricsson, LG & Siemens

Ideal solution for users of the following tools:

  • Universal Box

  • JAF


We all know how long it can take to download just one Nokia file never mind hundreds of files.  You can save yourself all the waiting and frustration by simply copying the files from the HD to your PC. >>More Info..



Nokia BB5 Unlocker

This Nokia BB5 Solution is the Holy Grail of the unlocking industry.  As the first solution to unlock Nokia BB5 phones this unlocker is a must !!


Unlock in 15 seconds NOKIA 6630, 6680, 6681, E60, E70, N91, N70, N90 with software versions rap3g v2.11 to v2.2

  • No Need For Testpoints (no phone dismantling)

  • >>>More info

Essential Software DCT3 & DCT4 Security Code Calculator Essential Software

You can now purchase software that creates unique master security code for Nokia Handsets



Forgetting your phone security code can have many undesired consequences, such as being unable to reset your phone settings, unable to make calls or even worse being unable to use any functionality on your handset. This software can fix that in seconds by generating a 'mastercode' that will allow you to reset your security code to your choice.


Supported Models

Nokia DCT3 & DCT4 (Symbian Phones Not Supported 6600 etc.)


Order Now (Instant Download)


Only 35



Essential Software DCT3 & DCT4 Remote Unlock Code Calculator Essential Software

This code calc system is an essential tool for anyone who wants to unlock Nokia phones.  This simple to use code calculator will let you unlock any Nokia DCT4 or DCT3 model.






Now Supporting 6101, 6111, 1600, 6020, 6030, 6230i, 2650, 1110, 1101 & More !!


With this package you are not just ordering code calc software.


You also receive a massive help file put together by us at FoneFunShop from years of code calculating experience.


This will allow you to unlock some of the latest models that most other calculators cannot unlock.  Even some that are not supported yet via expensive hardware !!!!

  • 6111, 1600, 6030, 6170, 6230i, 1110, 2650, 1101, 1100 All Supported

  • Supports Asic Types 2, 5, 6 & 7

  • Helpful list of asic types and examples for unlocking to get you up and running in no time

  • Generate Remote Unlock Codes For Nokia DCT3 & DCT4 Phones. including: 2100, 3210, 3310, 3315, 3330, 3350, 3390, 3410, 5110, 5110i, 5130, 5138, 5190, 5210, 5510, 6090, 6110, 6130, 6138, 6150, 6190, 6210, 6250, 7110, 8210, 8250, 8290, 8810, 8850, 8855, 8890, 9110, DTE-1_D211, 1100, 1100a, 1100b, 1220, 1260, 1261, 2112, 2260, 2261, 2270, 2275, 2280, 2285, 2300, 2300a, 2600, 2600cn, 2650, 2651, 3100, 3100b, 3105, 3108, 3120, 3125, 3200, 3200b, 3205, 3220, 3220b, 3300, 3300b, 3320, 3360, 3510, 3510i/3530, 3520, 3560, 3585, 3585i, 3586i, 3570i, 3590, 3595, 3650, 3660, 5100, 5100a, 5140, 6011i, 6012, 6015, 6016, 6019, 6020, 6020b, 6100, 6108, 6170, 6200, 6220, 6225, 6230, 6230b, 6255, 6256, 6310, 6310i, 6340, 6340i, 6360, 6370, 6385, 6500, 6510, 6560, 6585, 6590, 6600, 6610, 6610i, 6620, 6650, 6670, 6800, 6800a, 6810, 6820, 7200, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7260, 7270, 7280, 7600, 7610, 7650, 7710, 8270, 8280, 8310, 8390, 8910, 8910i, 9300, 9500, N-Gage, N-GageQD, N-GageQDa, 3230, 3600, 3620, 3650, 3660, 6260, 6111,  6600, 6670, 6670b, 7610, 7610b, 7650, etc...ANY NOKIA !! except 6630/6680/6681/N70/N90 (BB5 Models)

  • Also generate unlock codes for Panasonic GD55, Siemens ST55, and many more older models.

Order Now (Instant Download)


Only 19.99




- full emulate/clone FLS-4 and PKD-1 devices, including USB port too
- no more require any update for any current/future Phoenix release
- have both LPT and USB ports to connect to PC
- improved schematics to work with latest Nokia phones (2.7v logic levels)
- access to new bigger and faster server for support download
- indicator LED's (4 pcs.) on front panel to easy view/check box status
- improved power supply circuit

More Info >>>



N-BOX UFS3 Twister, Tornado Flasher-Unlocker Box's


The best Multi Format Service Software on the market ! Click Here For More Info...

Unlock / Flash / Repair Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola (Acer platform) & Siemens.






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