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Motorola Unlocking solutions


If you just need a mobile phone unlocking, please use our Unlocking Services


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Trade Account For www.imeinetwork.com




Network & Manufacturer's Unlock Codes @ Trade Prices (Unlocking Via IMEI)


With a trade account on the #1 unlock code website www.imeinetwork.com you get direct access to unlock codes for thousands of mobile phones.

The Network & Manufacturer's Unlock Codes are certified correct codes for unlocking today's mobile phones and are always the true unlock code.

With a trade account you get the unlock codes you see available online at much lower prices. This gives any unlocking store or professional the scope for profit when unlocking your customers phones.

The imeinetwork website is fast, reliable, and has backup support when you need it. It also offers in one place using one account access to many different types of unlock codes from manufacturers and networks.

  • More info about setting up a trade account Here



Sigma Box


Fully Updateable !!

  • Sigma Box is a brand new phone flashing and mobile unlocking tool that allows you to service the latest MTK-based and Qualcomm-based phones.

  • Universal multibrand MTK unlock solution

  • Powerful flashing tool

  • Repair Hardware or Software IMEI

  • Repair Security Area

  • Works with phone's file system

  • Supported CPUs

  • Supported operating systems

  • Works via UART interface any virtual or physical COM-port (up to 921600 bps)

  • Phone's external RAM testing

  • Accelerating operations execution (boost mode)

  • MTK boot speed autodetect

  • DTR & RTS serial port control

  • Multilingual software interface: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spain, Portuguese

  • Regular SigmaKey firmware updates


>>More info

Rocker Dongle


Rocker Dongle is newest project by Legija's Ultima Box team. In order to provide highest level of support and in same time user friendly software, we developed Rocker Dongle protection platform.  It is fully standalone device, which only needs simple USB Motorola cables in order to work.  Free updates include Unlock F3, W375, and bonus unlock SonyEricsson K200, K220


>>More info

Infinity Box

Infinity supports many phones, and we are using it more and more these days, since company's like ZTE, Foxlink, Vodafone, Huawei become more and more popular in the low price phone market.


Infinity box just works, check out the infinity news and see what phones you could be unlocking with infinity box today !!

As the name suggests Infinity Box is your key to the infinite opportunities that the mobile phone software business has to offer in the future.
With the rapid growth of Mobile Phone business and new models coming up virtually every week. Your business needs a tool to stay up to date with the market demand.
infinity strive to give you that key advantage over your competitors.

Polar Box 3

Polar box 3 now comes at a lower price than previous Polar Box 2, and also comes with 1 year fully active all activations (GOLD LIC) this is renewable, or you can purchase PERMANENT activations separately that will never expire !! Also Polar Box 3 has more advanced hardware and an extra USB port too !!

This new device can perform such tasks as Flash, Change Language, Repair, Unlock and Lock. It has unique system of full repair too.

Flash, unlock & repair many models including Motorola, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Alcatel, Benq-Siemens, NEX, Philips, Sharp, SonyEricsson, Vitel, Alcatel. and Packaged with 42 Cables !!!

NCK dongle

Inexpensive but powerful unlimited unlocking code calculation software. Standalone software, NO SERVER REQUIRED !! Supports very new Alcatel models, as well as Motorola WX Series, ZTE Android and more !!


  • Unlimited unlocking.
  • Displays codes on PC.
  • Supports latest PIDs.
  • Reads LG Correct Code for Connected phone.
  • Unlock Code Calculations for Alcatel Mobiles.
  • Unlock Code Calculations for ZTE Mobiles.
  • Unlock Code Calculations for Motorola WX Mobiles.
  • Unlock Code Calculations for Vodafone phone Mobiles.
  • Unlock Code Calculations for SFR Mobiles.
  • Unlock Code Calculations for ZTE Androids B03/B04 Mobiles.
  • Unlock Code Read for LG Infineon Mobiles.
  • >>More info



MSS Box II with MSS software, ODM software Activation

Powered by Victor Motorola Service Software


Fully Updateable !!

This new box Takes Motorola Unlocking to a NEW LEVEL !!

The first ever tool that unlocks without testpoint and without having to flash the phone after unlock process.



- Unlimited unlocking - the most safe unlocking methods, have your phone unlocked in seconds with no damage to phone (no dead phones, no erased phonebooks, no problems after unlocking)
- Repairing - got a dead phone? MSS Box II will try to repair any dead phone you might have.
- Flashing - the most reliable flashing software with direct USB-to-phone communication makes sure that the phone will be flashed safetly and quickly. MSS Box II can flash both GSM and 3G phones!
- Band management (unlocking) - it may happen that your phone is dual/tri/quand band, but some bands are locked and unsuable - MSS Box II will easily unlock all locked bands.
- User code reset / Security code reset
- Read phone information, including GPS chipset version, AP/BP versions
- Unlock browser and WAP settings
- Java uploading
- Europe->Asia, Asia->Europe flashing (for phones like C450, C550 etc)


More Info >>

Motorola  Smart Clip 

Fully Updateable !!


The Smart Clip allows you to unlock Motorola phones at the touch of a button.


Fully portable, ideal for professionals on the move, market traders, literally anyone can use this clip it's that easy !!!!


One of the outstanding features of the smart clip is that it can also be used in conjunction with "Smart Moto" Software to unlock RSA Boot Protected Models giving even more unlocking support for: V975 (RSA), V980 (RSA), C975 (RSA) C980 (RSA), E1000 (RSA) and More.


Smart Moto also lets you Flash / Debrand / Repair Software on Motorola Phones.

Outstanding features

  • Standalone operation

  • Free Motorola Updates free regular updates keep you at the forefront of your unlocking capability

  • More Info HERE



Motorola Acer Series Unlock Pack  


The Motorola Acer Series Unlock Pack is a simple cable and software solution to unlock your motorola mobile phone.


Supported models:



>>More info

Scout Dongle  


SCout is an easy, affordable and at the same time powerful Motorola multiflasher. It supports flash functions for P2K, Compal and I-mode, working via PC USB port. Allows flashing of multiple handsets simultaneously. No disassembling and no TestPoint is needed for any model in any case.


>>More info

Motorola F3 Unlock Clip  


F3 Unlock Clip is the easiest unlock solution, available on the market yet. It it does not require a PC !!


>>More info


Motorola iden Activation For BlackBerry Rim Multi Unlock Dongle  

This activation allows you to unlock the latest Motorola iden cell phones with your BlackBerry RIM unlock Dongle

Unlimited Instant Motorola Iden CNS Unlock Software Add-On For BB Rim Dongle

  • Unlimited iden unlocking
  • No internet required
  • No credits required
  • Remove subsidy lock
  • Remove cns lock
  • Backup and repair dead phones
  • Unlocks in seconds
  • All models supported
  • >>More info


JIC Multi Unlock Dongle 


New PC based unlock software for Mobile Cell Phones, new small light weight USB schlumberger powered dongle protection, This new software allows fast unlock code extraction from Blackberry phones, the Palmspring Treo 650 (gsm) and Motorola MPX200 & MPX220 by using the cable supplied with the handset.Official JIC Reseller

VERY Cheap Solution !!


Currently Supported Models

  • Pantech C300
  • Motorola Iden I930
  • Treo 650 Code Reader
  • Blackberry Code Reader
  • MPX200 & MPX220 Code Reader
  • LG 2g unlocker
  • SmartPhones (PDA / XDA / SPV / VPA etc...
  • >>> More Info






Motorola Smart Unlocker



The Smart Unlocker  is exactly the same as the Smart Clip Except that you cannot use the Smart Moto Software which enables you to unlock RSA protected & Testpoint phones.


Smart Unlocker Package  includes

  • Smart Unlocker Clip

  • Motorola C series USB Cable

  • Motorola V series USB Cable

  • Motorola C115 RJ45 Cable

  • Motorola E365 RJ45 Cable

  • Sendo S200 RJ45 Cable

  • Sendo S300 RJ45 Cable

  • Sendo M550 RJ45 Cable

  • Battery connector

  • You will need the update kit to update the clip using the free upgrades online

Order Motorola Smart Unlocker

Buy Now
(incl. VAT @ 20.00%)
(ex. VAT)




IDEN Remote Unlock Server

Remote Unlock Motorola IDEN Cell Phones to use any sim card

IDEN nextgen online unlock server


Unlock Motorola IDEN 850, i450, R9 & R8: i355, i605, i710, i530, i530, i305, i833, i835, i415, i275, i860, i860 Woody, i860 Tattoo, i830, i830 Roxy, i730, i285, i215, i205, i305, i530, i710, i325, i315, i600, i390, i370, i1000, i1000plus, i500plus, i700plus, i2000plus, r750plus, iX1000, i550plus, i2000, i85s, i50sx, i55sr, i80s, i90c, i85s, i80s, i30sx, i35s, i95cl, i60c, i90c, i88s...ect....


Full Details Click Here

Motorola Debrand Packs


Here you can buy packs to debrand phones.  FoneFunShop have put these packs together for you to buy and use.

They are simple to use, and have full instructions included.



What is De-branding ?

De-branding basically means removing awful operator firmware, and replacing it with the manufacturers original firmware.  Hence converting your phone to the full spec as it was intended by the manufacturer. (the way it should be)


What are the benefits of De-branding ?

Once your mobile has been de-branded, you will notice all the menu systems are clearer, un-restricted, and often faster too.  We also use the latest firmware to date, which will hold improvements on your old firmware.  This often removes any software glitches that your phone previously had.  Also some network firmware's prevent you uploading ringtones & pictures via cable, or manually setting your internet homepage, debranding enables you to do this.


Advantages of debranding Motorola Phones

  • Remove Service Provider Firmware

  • Install Original Motorola Startup and Menu System

  • Wap MMS or GPRS settings will be removed / cleaned so that you can now input whatever settings you want. from any network provider you wish to use

  • Orange Models: Awful Side bar removed and original menus restored

Vodafone Live Debranding Benefits

(1) Vodafone Branding Removed, now phone will be SIM FREE without Vodafone branding
(2) Removed Vodafone Live, Vodafone Menus, Icons and StartUp Logo Removed
(3) Unlocked and Uncapped MMS Settings, WAP Settings and Browser Settings
(4) Browse Menus 20% faster based on JBenchmark test
(5) Battery Life now is Optimized (shorter time to standy mode)
(6) Play any MP3 files without any restriction, MP3 totally uncapped

(7) Play any MP3 files as ringtones

(8) Play any MP4 files without any restriction, MP4 totally uncapped NOW
(9) Standby crash fixed / improved
(10) Increased call and Media Player volume.
(11) Fixes the O2 GPRS issues


Orange Debranding Benefits

Orange Models have an ugly white bar down the left hand side of the screen.  This debranding process removes this awful atrocity, and restores the phone to it's full Glory.  The main menu system is fully restored, and gone is the awful Orange buttons. Samsung's Original menu is faster and brighter, and less confusing to use.


These packs allow you to debrand as many phones as you like.


Motorola Debrand Solutions



Debrand Debrand Debrand Debrand Debrand Debrand Debrand


K1 KRZR RAZR2 V9 V3x V3i V545 - V547 - V551
Debrand Debrand Debrand Debrand Debrand Debrand


E398 V360 V550 - V620 - E550



Debrand + Add Video

Debrand Debrand Debrand
 V3i D&G Conversion V3ROHS D&G Conversion V3ROHS L7 SLVR U6 PEBL V300, V303, V400, V500, V505, V525(m), V535, V600




Debrand Debrand Debrand





Motorola V220 Unlock Pack

Unlock your Motorola V220, V80, E380,  C450, C550, C650 with this easy to use unlock pack.


Unlocks in seconds...

Supports V220, V80, E380,  C450, C550, C650

Package Contains Software CD and USB Cable



Order Full Pack With USB Cable

Buy Software Only (Instant Download)

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(incl. VAT @ 20.00%)
(ex. VAT)


Already have a USB Cable?

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