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NEW   LG KG800, KG245, KG248, KG320, KG90, KG328 Unlock Clip   NEW

Unlock the new LG KG series phone in seconds with this new KG+ Clip.


  • Ready For Delivery Now
  • No Batteries Required
  • Fast 10 Second Unlock
  • Fully Portable Clip, No PC Required !!

Unlocking Procedure

  • Take out sim card

  • Take out battery then replace it back again

  • Leave phone off

  • Connect clip and power phone on phone

  • Wait until light flashes on clip

  • Phone now unlocked

Supported Models

  • LG KG800 chocolate
  • LG KG245
  • LG KG248
  • LG KG320
  • LG KG90
  • LG KG328

Package Contains

  • 1 X LG KG+ Unlock Clip

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