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Available Unlocking Packs, Servers, Codes, and Solutions for Amoi Mobile Phones



Unlocking Clips, Packs, Codes, Software, and Solutions available to unlock your INQ mobile phone.  These packs are easy to use and come supplied with full unlocking instructions.



>> Unlock your INQ1, iNQ 3G Chat, iNQ Mini 3G  phone to use any sim card <<


>> INQ1 Server now available to unlock Skype phones. <<

>> Unlock By Post Service Now Available For iNQ 3G Chat, iNQ Mini 3G  <<



Locate the correct unlock code for your mobile phone.

RECOMMENDED Easy Unlock Code Finder
The easy unlock code finder should be your first place to check and see if an unlock code is available for your phone.  It is VERY EASY to use and very USER FRIENDLY.

Codes are delivered via email, along with input instructions.  This service is backed by FoneFunShop and uses our powerful databases of GENUINE UNLOCK CODES normally only available to trade customers.  This system will tell you if a code solution is available, and save you time trawling our website for your unlock code.

iNQ Unlock Server
You can now use this server to unlock Unlock iNQ 3G Chat, iNQ Mini 3G and iNQ 1 using standard USB cable as supplied with the phone.  Unlock is instant !!  Server supports direct unlock on the following handsets

  • iNQ iNQ 3G Chat, iNQ Mini 3G, iNQ 1

  • SkypePhones AMOI WP-S1, AMOI WP-S2

  • Toshiba G450

  • Vodafone 736, Vodafone 840 3G Touch, 715, 716, 720, 725, 810, 830

  • ZTE F100, F102, F102i F107, F600, F930, F950, F951E, S2x, T100, T106, TMN U122

  • Huawei U120, U121, U120e, 401i, U1220, U1220s, U1300, U1310

Amoi Skype Phone Unlock Server
You can use the Amoi unlock server to unlock the following phones:



- Unlock AMOI Orange New York By USB Cable
- Unlock AMOI Orange Berlin By USB Cable
- Unlock ZTE F230 (Plusfon 601i Poland)
- Unlock ZTE F232 (MD-2 MOMO Design)
- Unlock MD-1 MOMO Designe MD-1

INQ Unlock By Post service
Send your phone to us and we will unlock it for you, supported phones:


iNQ1 (Skype Phone 3)
iNQ 3G Chat

iNQ Mini 3G




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